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Enabling businesses to reach their full potential by automating their workflow through our various products and services



We Develop Digital Strategies, Products & Services

Helping your business thrive in online competitive enviroment by saving your time with managing your workflow

Web, Cloud and Mobile Development

You can depend on Olive Microsystems' secure and innovative technology solutions. We design and implement IT environments and optimize technology for sustainable business growth and profitability.

Our Proactive IT Approach

Our focused approach allows your business to deliver strategy and service at a far lower cost than supporting your own ICT platform and resource. We offer the flexibility to pick and choose the services you need to maintain and manage your systems, for a fraction of the cost of recruiting and retaining in-house staff.

Managed IT Services

We know the challenges of Making IT Work for your company. That’s why Olive Microsystems provides a wide array of services that cover virtually all your business’ IT needs. Whether you want better IT cost predictability, to keep your team productive and in touch, or have concerns about risk of cyberattack or noncompliance, we have the solutions you need.

Our Features

We let you decide and we will bring your idea to life.

We Maintain Industry Standards in all our products/services.

We leverage a blend of industry-proven Enterprise Software Solutions.

We offer IT Services that free you to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Why Choose Us?

You need your business' IT systems and critical technology systems to be reliable, secure, and responsive to maximize the efficiency of your organization. We will always be there to help you achieve that.

Unique, Innovative and Creative

Leading IT solutions from a single space! Get the right stuff from a partner you trust. Feel confident in any sales scenario with business-critical products topped with tailored support. Companies don’t have to invest in extensive hardware to host the software, and this in turn, allows your business to outsource most of the IT responsibilities typically required to troubleshoot and maintain the software to IT companies such as Olive Microsystems.

Managed Services from Olive Microsystems deliver stable, reliable and powerful care for the technology and systems you rely on.  Whether it’s full management of your IT infrastructure and technology, or augmentation of your IT department, Managed Services from Olive Microsystems are comprehensive service packages targeting specific needs of your organization.

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